Oneironaut was my six-week solo project that explored the beauty and limitless potential of childlike imagination. It was an immersive, interactive video experience designed for a single viewer that utilized stunning visuals projected onto a 180-degree screen and an EEG headset to travel forwards or backwards through the journey.
To create this project, I utilized cutting-edge software, including Unreal Engine for visuals, Isadora for mapping and media server, and the Neuro Visual App for focus group analysis. My goal was to explore how technology could enhance the immersive experience and create a deeper connection with the participant.
Overall, I hoped Oneironaut would inspire participants to reconnect with their inner child and rediscover the limitless possibilities of their imagination. The project was deeply personal to me, and I was thrilled with the response it received from participants who found it moving and thought-provoking.
                                                                                                                                                  Software: Unreal, Isadora, Neuro Visual, Touch Designer 
Film In Post Production.
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