Inspired by Manchester Orchestra's song 'Keel Timing', this project delves into human emotions and the journey of personal transformation, recognizing its often tumultuous nature. During the pandemic, I found inspiration in the resilience of friends and colleagues who embraced introspection and sought positive changes in their lives.
Presented at Gresham Street's  'The Basement', Keel Timing featured a live VJ set and the performance artistry of Barbara Pugliese. The stage was enhanced with gauze displaying live VJ visuals and utilized an Xbox Kinect for dynamic body tracking, enriching the visual experience with innovative effects of early AI.                                                           
Creative team

Director & Content creator : Sophie Bramley
DOP: Jon James Smith
Set Assistant : eddy Popplewell
Perfomrer : Barbarella
Music : Manchester Orchestra - Keel Timing 
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