Derry is Europe's biggest Halloween festival.
Halloween on the island of Ireland is a time when the spirits breach the veil between worlds and wander among us. At Derry Halloween, they're invited to party with the living at a scary, joyous, and fantastically fun carnival. Celebrations take place across the Walled City and extend beyond the 400-year-old walls to possess nearby Donegal and Strabane.
With Guildhall live events, eight projection sites were designed by a team of seven and engineered by a team of four alongside lighting designer Jon Armstrong. Each location represents a different spirit world filled with mystery and enchantment, culminating in a grand finale as all worlds merge to create a "World Beyond the Walls."

 Production CREdits 

Creative Director: Dan Shorten
Lighting Designer : Clare Partington
Lighting designer : Jon Armstrong
Head Rigger: Sam Bull
Lead Technical Production: Josh Garner
Lead Video Engineer: Vikrors Mileika
Video Designer and Technician : Sophie Bramley
Video Designer and Technician: Dylan Law
Content Creator: Emylly Ombok
Content Creator: Abu Menseh
Content Creator: Jason Hyde
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