: An Orchestral Journey into Drum & Bass at the Barbican Center

A Guildhall collaboration with Ram Records for OrchestRAM. The evening will feature orchestral renditions of tracks from the iconic label’s catalogue, performed by over 40 musicians, in the first-ever full-length drum & bass production in the Barbican Hall. This celebration of drum & bass will take audiences on an epic orchestral journey into the genre, with the Guildhall Session Orchestra – a fully professional ensemble of alumni from Guildhall School – being joined by DJ Raiser.
OrchestRAM at the Barbican is a continuation of the previous year's event, a brainchild of Dan Shorterns. With the Barbican as a new location, we planned for the projection space and managed a small team to put together the last ten minutes of parts one and two.

Creative Team:

Creative Director & Video Design: Dan Shorten
Executive Electronic Producer: Raiser
Music Production Lead: Rob Southby
Orchestration Lead: Sam Storey
Score Preparation: Sam Dinley
Head of Electronic & Produced Music: Professor Mike Roberts
Orchestral Producer: Barbara De Biasi

Marios Aristopoulos
Archie Awford
Isabelle Brawn
Lillian Chan
Sam Dinley
Eleanor Fineston-Robertson
Liam Fuller
Yewon Lee
Beau Miles Watson
Jasmine Meaden
Nicola Perikhanyan
Skye Platts
Danilo Ricciardiello
Mike Roberts
Theo Sandberg
Rob Southby
Sam Storey
Eu-An Su
Chester Tribley
Barney Watson
Isabel Woodings

Lighting Design: Jon M Armstrong
Head of Recording & AV/Sound Design: Julian Hepple
Production Management: Clare Partington and Dylan Bate
Lasers: Toby Macknight, Laser Grafix
Video Supervisor: Josh Garner
LX Programmer: Guy Knox-Holmes
Stage Manager: Christina Mallett
Account Director: Kieron Tilley
FOH Engineer: Julian Hepple
Video Production Engineers: Ethan Harris and Matt Hayes
Monitor/System Engineer: John Duckett
Video Guarantee: Tom Burridge
Playback Engineer: Paolo Carlotto
Camera Operators: Hannah Miller, Maisie Pindar, Annie Urquhart, and Daniel Davis
Vision Mixer: Isobel Jewell
Video Designers: Sophie Bramley and Daniel Ong Ker Yau
Runners: Alex Gasson-Grey and Benedict Rattray
Score Engraving: Mark Fincham
Label Manager RAM: Jim Gash
Press & Marketing RAM: Hannah Helbert
Product Manager RAM: Wayne McKenzie
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