"Arrival" is a collaborative project co-created with the local community that takes audiences on a journey around the historic industrial area where City Hall will be welcomed. Guildhall Live Events, QED, and designer Tal Rosner teamed up to create an immersive experience by projecting video onto the Millennium Mills. 
As part of the team, I assisted in setting up eight projectors with QED and gained valuable experience in using Disguise for projection mapping onto buildings and obtaining accurate dimensions using satellite imagery. This project allowed us to explore the creative possibilities of video projection and showcase the potential for combining technology and community involvement in creating unforgettable experiences.

                                                                                                                                                                  Software's : Disguise, Barco Projector Toolset.
Director: Matthew Dunster
Concept Designer :Jon Bausor

Video Design: Tal Rosner
Cinematographer :Lily Grimes
Camera: Jemma Cox
Film Editor Stephanie: Tasker
Additional Animation:  David Shepherd & Darren Culley
Video Mapping Millennium Mills: Guildhall Live Events, Kieron Tilley, Dan Shorten, Clare Partington, Kim Nicholson and Richard Moors.
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